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Project Info

Name: Viale dei Mille
Size: 140 sqm
Location: Milano | Risorgimento
Date: 2022

Project History

Welcome to an embodiment of timeless refinement and contemporary charm, nestled in the heart of Viale dei Mille. This 140sqm apartment unveils a fusion of classical grandeur and modern allure. A symphony of design where classical details dance harmoniously with contemporary elements, creating an ambiance that is both captivating and inviting. Each choice, each element, was meticulously selected to create an environment that resonates with the soul of Milan’s heritage while weaving in the comforts of modern living.

The interior design palette revolves around refined white tones that evoke a sense of serenity and spaciousness. Classical elements blend with contemporary furnishings, creating a sanctuary where every corner is an exploration of beauty and comfort. It’s an invitation to live within a canvas that marries history with the present. The renovation process was guided by a commitment to honor the past while elevating the living experience for the present and beyond.