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ACME have a dynamic and experimental team dedicated to developing an innovative and contemporary approach to architecture. Understanding tradition is the key to radical evolution. 

Hence, we incorporate close familiarity with local culture and respect for the natural environment into every single project. This credo builds our firm’s foundations and reflects the way we work. Our vision and team are the pillars of our success.

ACME Milano: Pioneering a Vision of Architectural Excellence

In the heart of Milan, where innovation thrives and possibilities flourish, two young architects, Pensa & Drago, embarked on a journey with a fiery entrepreneurial spirit and a daring vision, in the early 1990s, driven by an urge to build something truly distinct.

At the dawn of their partnership, independence and innovation were the guiding stars. In the vibrant Milanese backdrop, their paths converged – professionally aligned. The Studio was a calculated risk, as they invested their passions and aspirations into Milan’s professional landscape.

Arch. Perissinotto and Arch. Zanaboni soon joined this mission, a quartet of visionary minds united by the desire to carve a new architectural paradigm. The foundation was laid for an international architecture firm that would redefine boundaries and elevate aesthetics to new heights.

Since those early days, ACME Milano’s journey has been an exhilarating rollercoaster. From the very first project to the numerous endeavours that followed, the firm has unfolded its wings across scales and geographies. The team has expanded, a testament to the enduring allure of ACME’s ethos.

Each new member brings fresh perspectives, propelling the evolution of ideas and enhancing the firm’s creative capacity.

Arch. Lorenzo Drago


Lorenzo Drago, a true art aficionado, graduated from Milan’s Polytechnic and SDA Bocconi Master of Architecture and Management. After honing his craft in Berlin, he co-founded a transformative partnership with Arch. Pensa in 1991. As a partner of a Milanese firm, he shapes cityscapes, infusing each creation with artistic brilliance.

Arch. Ippolita Pensa

Ippolita Pensa, an architect of eminence with roots at Polytechnic Milan, she nurtured collaborations that transformed her career. Her imprint extends to public-sector endeavors, where she orchestrated regional healthcare planning projects, illustrating her multifaceted brilliance.

Arch. Roberto Perissinotto

Architect and partner at ACME Milano firm. His architectural finesse blends seamlessly with meticulous work coordination. Beyond design, he pioneers social initiatives for Milan’s municipality, reshaping urban landscapes while creating meaningful connections within the community.

Arch. Mauro Zanaboni

Arch. Mauro Zanaboni, boasts a decade-long expertise for design, construction management and safety coordination. A master of tailoring spaces, he easily aligns with clients and investor’s needs. His holistic approach spans interior and exterior design, commercial and hospitality spaces renovation and expert consultation for legal matters.