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Project Info

Name: Hotel Energy Park
Size: 2.410 sqm
Location: Vimercate (MB) / Energy Park District
Date: 2023

Project History

This is an exciting project that brings together the realms of green design, contemporary architecture, and hospitality in Vimercate’s Energy Park District. Our visionary renovation aims to transform a four-floor hotel building into a sustainable and modern oasis. Situated in the heart of the Energy Park, a technology park concept focused on enhancing personal interaction for a better quality of life, this project represents a unique opportunity to merge nature, technology, and hospitality. The hotel is nestled within the Energy Park District, a dynamic hub dedicated to technology, innovation, and human interaction. This visionary concept aims to stimulate personal connections and foster a greater quality of life for its users. As part of this forward-thinking district, the hotel renovation plays a vital role in providing a unique hospitality experience that aligns with the green design principles.