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Project Info

Name: Via Compagnoni
Size: 250 sqm
Location: Milano | Ortica district
Date: 2022

Project History

The genesis of this modern renovation was rooted in the ambition to redefine urban living. It was conceived as a manifestation of contemporary artistry, where architectural elements would transcend their traditional forms and blur the boundaries between function and aesthetics. With every choice, a story was woven – a narrative that transforms the ordinary into the extraordinary.

The interior design boldly juxtaposes curve lines and squared elements, creating a dynamic visual interplay that ignites the senses. Each room is a masterpiece of balance, where the softness of curves finds equilibrium with the precision of squared geometry. Located at the vibrant heart of the Ortica district, where the rhythm of the city’s energy becomes the heartbeat of daily life, a place where the city’s vitality becomes your daily inspiration.