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Project Info

Name: Cenisio81
Size: 1.500 sqm
Location: Milano | Piazza Firenze
Date: 2020

Project History

Cenisio81 is a remarkable architectural initiative —an ambitious project that revives a piece of Milan’s rich history in a contemporary context. This project represents a harmonious blend of innovation, energy efficiency, and modern living, ushering in a new era for this iconic building. The foundation of this project is a historic building from the early 1900s, brimming with architectural charm. It is undergoing a comprehensive renovation to create 15 distinct living units that cater to a wide spectrum of preferences. From cozy studios to generously sized apartments, there is a home here for everyone. The heart of this project lies in its commitment to sustainable living. The building is being transformed into 15 energy-efficient Class A3 apartments. These homes are designed to not only reduce energy consumption but also elevate the standard of living.