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Project Info

Size: 550 sqm
Location: Milano | Magenta
Date: 2018

Project History

There is a fascinating journey behind the creation of ACME Milano Headquarter, an architectural marvel that has redefined the skyline of Milan’s Via Vico corner. This project showcases the harmonious blend of innovative design, solid white lines, open spaces, and clean geometries. The story of ACME Milano HQ with a visionary concept to create a contemporary masterpiece in the heart of Milan. The project aimed to capitalize on the prime location atop an existing building, strategically positioned. The design phase was a crucial milestone, the vision was to create a space that would reflect modernity, elegance, and functionality. Solid white lines became a defining element of the design, representing integrity and sophistication. Clean geometries were integrated to ensure fluidity and a sense of spaciousness within the building.

The construction phase brought its own set of challenges, as we aimed to build atop an existing structure while minimizing disruptions to the busy neighbourhoods. The team’s dedication to precision and innovation allowed us to overcome these obstacles seamlessly. Open spaces were meticulously planned to maximize natural light, making every corner of the building inviting and functional. Incorporating green spaces within an urban environment was a priority. Rooftop gardens, terraces, and strategically placed greenery not only added aesthetic value but also contributed to a sustainable and eco-conscious design. This project continues to inspire and sets a standard for future developments, showcasing the enduring legacy of modern architecture blended with the charm of historical surroundings.